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Reflexology can be received in two ways, often depending on what your body needs, you may feel extra energised or alternatively you may feel extremely relaxed after a session. 

Lucy, Reflexologist


The Benefits

People benefit from reflexology in hugely different ways as it works with many different systems within the human body. I work with the Endocrine, Digestive and Nervous system, as well as incorporating Zone therapy during the treatment covering the whole body and its needs.  


A reflexology treatment  - tailored to your needs - will help put everything back into balance, as it should be. As well as giving a boost to a weakened or desired area reflexology helps the energy and blood flow freely and efficiently around your body. 

Feel the benefits of reflexology for days, not just hours.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology

I  believe fertility reflexology chose me, rather than the other way round.  It is a subject close to my heart, which is why I chose to train in this area and add fertility reflexology to the treatments I offer.  I've extensively researched and tried a holistic approach to fertility myself and I truly believe reflexology can help.


Treatments are great whilst pregnant as babies almost always react when mum puts her feet up and takes some time to calm down. It may be an over used statement, but you can and will relax, unwind and switch off, during a reflexology treatment, doing something beneficial for yourself and your little one at the same time.

Once your baby is born reflexology is also a great way for new mums to have some down time and relax taking a well earned break from these precious newborns.

Lucy's Reasons

Thankfully I am lucky enough to be a mum to two wonderful children and based on my own experience, which wasn't plain sailing in any way and completely different during both pregnancies, I can certainly empathise with the whole

joy, fear and life changing experience of pregnancy and birth. 


 After having my two I realised reflexology was a complete holistic approach that helped with my own births and motherhood as a whole.

Something as simple as reducing your every day stress levels - which reflexology almost guarantees - can help boost fertility as well as many other areas of your body and your life as a whole.

Fetility Reflexology

Reflexology with Lucy enables me to heal and relax my body.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Having recently qualified in lymphatic drainage massage, I can now incorporate this into your reflexology treatment.

Lymphatic drainage is a great way to help swollen feet, ankles and legs. This gentle massage helps the stagnant and sometimes stubborn fluid to flow towards your lymphatic nodes. This procedure helps eliminate the fluid, leaving you with less puffiness and swelling and literally feeling lighter. It's a great detox too as it encourages toxins to leave your body.  

A lymphatic massage can also help with cellulite, as I will be stimulating the skin tissue where cellulite can be created, sometimes due to poor circulation of the lymphatic system.

Treatments & Qualifications

Treatments *

50 minute standard reflexology treatment - £45

50 minute fertility reflexology treatment - £45

Private, relaxing treatment room

Mobile home visit - £45

Colchester Foot Clinic (Thursday & Saturdays)

Please contact me directly for any treatments you require at Colchester Foot Clinic.

Qualifications & Training

Fully qualified in Reflexology level 3 diploma, 

Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

Fully Insured

DBS certificate 

Lucy Mclerie Reflexologist Treatment room
Lucy Mclerie Reflexologist Treatment room
Lucy Mclerie Reflexologist Treatment room

* All reflexology treatments commence with a consultation. During this we will discuss your general health and reflexology needs. The consultation does not commit you or I to the treatment and the aim is to identify any concerns as well as discuss your reasons for the treatment, allowing us to proceed in a safe and secure way.

Contact Lucy

Contact Lucy
07846 090 233
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Feel free to contact me with general questions or queries about reflexology, a specific treatment you desire or about gift vouchers available for friends and family.

Thank you for messaging me. I will be in contact shortly via email.

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